March 16, 2024

Sisu, an Award-Winning American Advisory & Venture Firm

Nurturing Uncomfortable Data Into Paradigm-Shifting Products, Without Geographic Restriction.

In a saturated landscape of advisory and venture firms, Sisu stands at the confluence of execution and innovation. Founded by Bear Matthews, Sisu began its journey amidst the fervor of election campaigns and humanitarian efforts. Matthews, while deeply involved in running campaigns for political figures, simultaneously dedicated himself to developing emergency infrastructure for impoverished communities across the globe. This dual commitment to both political strategy and humanitarian aid laid the foundation for what would become our small shop.

Initially conceived as a modest holding-vehicle, Sisu quickly blossomed into a powerhouse advisory and venture firm. Driven by a mission to excel in the face of adversity, our team has earned a reputation for handling sensitive media relations for some of America's most affluent families, orchestrating successful political campaigns, and spearheading infrastructure projects in regions like the Middle East and North Africa. Remarkably, amidst these demanding endeavors, we still find time to capture our client's cherished family photographs.

Rooted in Aspen, Thriving in New York and San Francisco

Though born in the serene landscapes of Aspen, Colorado, Sisu has expanded its reach far beyond its mountainous origins. With offices now established in New York and San Francisco, our firm has cemented its presence on both the East and West coasts. This strategic expansion enables us to cater to a diverse clientele while staying true to our core values of integrity, innovation, and excellence.

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